Accessibility Policy


Updated 12/9/2022

Muzzy Lane Software is committed to creating universally accessible products for any and all learners, including individuals with disabilities. Our Muzzy Lane Author Toolkit was designed with this philosophy in mind.  Accessibility features are embedded in the authoring process to enable usability by all learners.

Muzzy Lane Software is committed to meet or exceed the WCAG version 2.1 AA guidelines and best practices with all new content and software produced using Muzzy Lane Author.

Muzzy Lane Software strives to train employees and resource providers on accessibility guidelines to support compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA development guidelines.

Muzzy Lane Software will engage users to provide feedback and validate that the content produced with our software is compliant and usable for learners.

Muzzy Lane Software will seek best practices and continue to improve on our toolkit. Many accessibility initiatives and guidelines are new or don’t directly apply to the types of activities that can be created with Muzzy Lane Author. As new standards emerge that directly affect the interactive space we will strive to remain current with those standards.

Muzzy Lane Software has processes in  place to make accessibility and meeting the WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines an integral part of our product development. We will continue to monitor our progress to ensure we continually make improvements to address evolving industry standards.

Muzzy Lane Software is not responsible for activities whose content is solely created by users of Muzzy Lane Author if those users choose to not take advantage of the embedded accessibility features when creating activities using the toolkit.  However, such activities must meet the standards of accessibility before being deployed using our service or if Muzzy Lane Software is a content contributor for the specific activity.