Solve upskilling and reskilling challenges

Provide employees with opportunities to develop and validate their skills.


Why Roleplay?

Enhance Learning

Authentic Practice

Roleplay simulations provide employees with safe opportunities to practice and develop key workforce skills.


Enhance Internal Mobility

Give employees opportunities to demonstrate their skills and advance their careers.

"How do I bring authentic training to all?"

Providing authentic skills training is challenging. It often devolves into high touch training for a small group of executives paired with low fidelity training for everyone else. Simulation based training fills this gap.


Equity in "hire" ed.

Hiring for skills rather than expensive degrees levels the playing field. Soft skills are transferable between career fields, and open up opportunities for nontraditional learners and disadvantaged students.


Boost retention and attract new candidates

Increase retention by offering industry-recognized micro-credentials for in demand skills. Attract and retain talent through credentialed learning as an employee-valued benefit.


"What about my experience?"

Give learners an objective way to communicate soft skills and life/career experiences to employers, and give employers a way to measure and enhance those skills.


Don't just take our word for it

Here's what partners say about us.

"We needed to create a high-quality experience quickly, at scale, and efficiently. Enter Muzzy Lane – not a vendor but a true end-to-end solutions partner in every sense. Accessible, mobile, integrated simulations went live across multiple disciplines within a very short period of time by leveraging Muzzy Lane tools and training services; a remarkable accomplishment with an incredible partner."
Sankha Basu
Product Development Executive

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