SkillBuild Critical Thinking

92% of employers say that soft skills like critical thinking are more important than hard skills, but 89% say that it’s hard to find candidates who have them. Separate yourself from the pack with SkillBuild Critical Thinking, an active learning online course that helps you develop and practice your critical thinking skills. Each of the four modules in the course guides you through simulated workplace challenges until you show mastery of these vital skills. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a microcredential that you can use to signal your skills to employers.

What You’ll Learn

  • To ground problem-solving in facts rather than opinions
  • To resist easy answers
  • To answer in depth questions about data
  • To use logic and reasoning to evaluate arguments, form judgements, and make recommendations

How You’ll Learn

  • Train in real-world role-playing simulations
  • Prove your skills through multiple levels of assessment
  • Just in time practice to boost skills
  • Virtual coach to keep you on target
  • Expected course completion time: 7-10 hours

Backed by our 20+ years of experience with simulations and built on the award-winning Muzzy Lane Author platform, SkillBuild Critical Thinking is the fastest, most efficient way to build this vital workplace skill.

Note: Pricing reflects individual use. Institutional pricing available on request.

SkillBuild Critical Thinking consists of four Skill Modules: Gather and Assess Information, Question Assumptions, Identify Patterns, and Draw Conclusions. The Skill Modules may be purchased and completed individually or bundled with the Capstone Assessment, which is required to earn the Critical Thinking microcredential. This Capstone Assessment requires the learner to apply all the skills they've learned to complete a work-based challenge. 

Frame 17-1
Skill Module

Gather & Assess Information

Ground problem-solving in facts vs. assertions.

I will learn to:

  • Identify core issues
  • Distinguish facts from opinions
  • Provide thoughtful analysis
  • Recognize the role of bias
$79.99 $39.99
Skill Module Course
Frame 17-1
Skill Module

Question Assumptions

Resist easy answers.

I will learn to:

  • Identify stated assumptions
  • Identify unstated assumptions
  • Determine if an assumption should be rejected
$79.99 $39.99
Skill Module Course
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Skill Module

Identify Patterns

Answer in-depth questions about data and frame problems.

I will learn to:

  • Recognize commonality
  • Frame problems in familiar terms
  • Validate and assess clustering techniques
$79.99 $39.99
Skill Module Course
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Skill Module

Draw Conclusions

Use logic to evaluate arguments and form judgments.

I will learn to:

  • Evaluate the strength of an argument
  • Form judgments based on evidence
  • Make recommendations supported by evidence
$79.99 $39.99
Skill Module Course
Critical Thinking ML EDL
Full Course Bundle

Full Critical Thinking Course

  • Gather & Access Information
  • Question Assumptions
  • Identify Patterns
  • Draw Conclusions
$199.99 $99.99
Includes All 4 Modules + Capstone Assessment
  • Make informed decisions
  • Identify the root causes of core problems and resolve them
  • Question assumptions
  • Understand why we as humans make mistakes
  • Analyze and evaluate data with precision
  • Be open to others’ opinions
  • Create a culture of collaboration
  • Work to eliminate bias