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Why Roleplay?

Enhance Learning

Enhance Learning

Supplement static education materials with dynamic, immersive roleplay simulations. Simulations boost knowledge retention, feel more engaging, and allow educators to teach and assess soft skills that are normally hard to measure. Mastering these skills is key to academic and professional success.


Build Confidence

Prepare learners to enter new careers by practicing a wide variety of real-world scenarios in a socially, psychologically, and physically safe digital environment where it’s OK to make mistakes. Show learners the value of their soft skills and life/career experience, and help them articulate these skills to employers through recognized credentials. 

"Ok... but how's it get me a job?"

There’s a gap between what students are learning and what employers want. Learners are skeptical about the career value of higher education, and employers complain that graduates lack the necessary professional skills. Help employers make informed, skills-based hiring decisions that take into account soft skills that aren’t typically evaluated/conveyed by a degree.


Equity in "hire" ed.

Hiring for skills rather than expensive degrees levels the playing field. Soft skills are transferable between career fields, and open up opportunities for nontraditional learners and disadvantaged students.


Boost Enrollment, Engagement, and Graduation Rates

Increase enrollment, engagement, and retention (especially for nontraditional learners) by offering industry-recognized micro-credentials for employer-desired skills, thereby demonstrating the career value of a degree. Improve school reputation through modernization, value, and career outcomes. Attract and retain talent through credentialed learning as an employee-valued benefit.


"What about my experience?"

Give learners an objective way to communicate soft skills and life/career experiences to employers, and give employers a way to measure and enhance those skills.


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