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Bridge the durable skills gap with SkillBuild

92% of employers say that durable skills, like critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, are more important than hard skills, but 89% say that it's hard to find candidates who have them. To make matters worse the AI-driven transformation of the workplace is only increasing the demand for these skills. Learners who can prove they have these skills will have a leg up in the competition for good paying jobs.


SkillBuild courses deliver in demand durable skills

SkillBuild durable skills courses build on our 20+ years of experience building educational simulations. They use an authentic roleplaying format that puts learners into real world scenarios where they can practice and show mastery of their skills. Assessment is automated and the awarded microcredential signals your skills to potential employers. 

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Grant industry validated microcredentials

SkillBuild courses are online, self-paced, and can be completed on your schedule. They run in your browser and typically take less than 10 hours to complete and earn your microcredential. You can add your microcredential to your resume, display it on social media, or add it to a digital wallet.

Oral Communication Course
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SkillBuild Course

Oral Communication

The capacity to speak with clarity and precision and understand and recognize nonverbal cues.


Resilience Course
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SkillBuild Course


The capacity to learn from experience and the capacity to adapt.

Intercultural Fluency Course
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SkillBuild Course

Intercultural Fluency

The capacity to operate and communicate in different cultural contexts.

Collaboration Course
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SkillBuild Course


The Capacity to work productively with different individuals and groups toward a common goal.

Creative Problem Solving Course
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SkillBuild Course

Creative Problem Solving

The capacity to solve problems in new ways.

Initiative Course
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SkillBuild Course


Self-efficacy and the capacity to identify needs and respond proactively.

Empathy Course
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SkillBuild Course


The capacity to understand others' perspectives and feelings and to use this to improve personal and professional relationships, behaviors, team cohesion, and performance.

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