AI is here. It’s not a problem to be solved. It’s a reality to be faced. The need for people to develop durable skills has never been greater.

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  • Muzzy Lane Author: 20+ years delivering immersive, effective simulations to over 3 million learners
  • Durable Skills Assessments: Over 50 assessments across 9 competencies
  • SkillBuild: Complete courses for developing, assessing, and credentialing durable skills

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Latest Video: SkillBuild Critical Thinking

This video gives an overview of the innovative, roleplay simulation-based pedagogy at the heart of SkillBuild Critical Thinking. We harness the power of roleplay and storytelling to help learners practice and validate their critical thinking skills.

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AI is turbocharging the transition to a skills first economy, driving increased demand for scalable skills training and assessment. Muzzy Lane addresses this need by providing tools and content to support skills-based learning. Our Author platform provides a "no coding required" platform for easily creating skills content ranging from individual simulations to full courses.  Our SkillBuild durable skills courses automate the teaching and credentialing of these vital skills.

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92% of employers say that soft skills like critical thinking are more important than hard skills, but 89% say that it’s hard to find candidates who have them. Separate yourself from the pack with SkillBuild, active learning online courses that help you develop and practice your durable skills.

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Create your own active learning content and assessments using our award winning "no coding required" platform. Enhance your courses with simulations and skills modules or build entire active learning courses complete with the ability to issue credentials on completion.

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“I really like seeing the results of my decisions and getting instant feedback so I can solve problems better.”
“Much more challenging than multiple choice questions. Really makes me think!”
“I learned there was no one right answer and that I could keep trying until I came up with a workable solution. That feels more real life than just answering a bunch of questions.”
“Feels like a virtual internship.”
“Gave me confidence that I could really do the job.”

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