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SkillBuild Self-paced Durable Skills Courses Author "No coding required" simulation authoring tools

Introducing SkillBuild

Self-paced, competency-based Durable Skills courses that lead to an industry validated micro-credential


Our Solutions

Whether you are looking for pre-built durable skills courses or want to build your own content we have a solution for you.

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Durable skills courses that engage learners through roleplay challenges as they earn their way towards a recognized credential. An AI coach is there every step of the way to guide and support them. Built on Muzzy Lane Author, our award winning active learning platform.


Muzzy Lane Author

Create your own active learning content using our award winning "no coding required" platform. Enhance your courses with simulations and skills modules or build entire active learning courses complete with the ability to issue credentials on completion.

Read What our Students Have to Say

“I really like seeing the results of my decisions and getting instant feedback so I can solve problems better.”
“Much more challenging than multiple choice questions. Really makes me think!”
“I learned there was no one right answer and that I could keep trying until I came up with a workable solution. That feels more real life than just answering a bunch of questions.”
“Feels like a virtual internship.”
“Gave me confidence that I could really do the job.”

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