The Practice Series from McGraw-Hill

Award-winning series of 3D learning games

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom with National Geographic

Designed to take one class period, this product takes students on an important journey in US History.

QuitIt with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

A smoking cessation game that introduces coping tools to remain smoke-free

Developmental Math Games with Cengage Learning

Help students improve mental math skills and algebraic problem-solving.

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experience learning

The fastest way to create, deploy, and maintain simulations

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Get to a higher level of Blooms

Students engage with rich multimedia to think critically and build skills in real-world environments. Create inexpensive, repeatable, high impact experiences that auto-assess whether students can apply what they have learned.

Mobile and Accessible

Muzzy Lane Author activities run natively on all of your devices - computers, tablets, Chromebooks, and phones. Activities will size responsively to give your students the best possible experience on their device. Author activities also meet WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards, including screen reader support, mouse free operation, and alt-text support for images.

Integration and Analytics

Muzzy Lane Author activities can be delivered to students in a variety of ways. Author supports integration with the top Learning Management Systems through the LTI standard from IMS Global for single sign on and gradebook integration, and also integrates with Google Classroom. Or you can create assignments right on Author to deliver activities directly to your students without going through an LMS. In all cases detailed analytics on student behavior are tracked and reported, and can be exported for import into other systems.

Working Together To Help Students Succeed

We empower partners to create learning experiences
that engage and motivate their students to achieve
subject mastery and real-world competence.

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