The Practice Series from McGraw-Hill

Award-winning series of 3D learning games

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom with National Geographic

Designed to take one class period, this product takes students on an important journey in US History.

QuitIt with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

A smoking cessation game that introduces coping tools to remain smoke-free

Developmental Math Games with Cengage Learning

Help students improve mental math skills and algebraic problem-solving.

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The Practice Series from McGraw-Hill Education

Innovative products from learning sciences leader

McGraw-Hill Practice products deliver immersive learning experiences. In Practice Government, you’re a member of Congress. Don’t know how the government works? You’ll need to keep the constituents in your local district happy as you navigate the daunting maze of D.C. accumulating and spending political capital. Introduce and pass legislation. Form alliances. Court donors — but watch out for the unethical ones. You can’t get important things done unless you get re-elected. What are you willing to do to stay in office?

In Practice Marketing, you’re a marketing manager rolling out a new product. Pick a market segment. Develop and price a product that shows you understand customer needs. Line up distributors to attract the right customers without leaving money on the table. Listen to the advice of your artificially intelligent peers.. or ignore it at your peril. Promote your product effectively or risk losing out to your competitors. Defend your strategy. Practice Marketing users frequently refer to it as a virtual internship. Want to learn how to win in business? Come play.

Practice Spanish: Next Best Thing to Being There

The best way to learn a foreign language is to spend an extended period of time in a country where that language is spoken. But few have the time or resources to do that. Enter Practice Spanish. You’re on a school year abroad journey to Columbia. With a little practice and a spirit of adventure, your Spanish skills will take off in surprising new directions.


Practice Medical Office

There has never been a higher demand for qualified medical assistants. Looking to get on the fast track for a career that rewards professionalism, empathy, and the ability to handle pressure and think on your feet? If so, and you can prove you’ve got the right stuff, Practice Medical Office might open a door for you.


Practice Operations

We all buy blue jeans and socks and T-Shirts with the logos of our favorite brands. But have you ever wondered about the complex supply chain that transforms bulk orders of cotton and denim into the finished products we take for granted every day? Want to learn about the suppliers that provide the raw goods and the machines that manufacture and ship finished items to the stores where we buy them? Practice Operations shows you how by making you the owner of an apparel company that must win contracts and successfully operate a growing virtual business at a profit.