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The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom with National Geographic

Designed to take one class period, this product takes students on an important journey in US History.

QuitIt with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

A smoking cessation game that introduces coping tools to remain smoke-free

Developmental Math Games with Cengage Learning

Help students improve mental math skills and algebraic problem-solving.

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Hungry Birds

Natural selection, a bird's eye view

Created in partnership with Digital Glass, Hungry Birds is a fast-paced game that demonstrates evolutionary concepts. Designed to complement museum exhibits on evolution and environment/ecology, Hungry Birds is played on touch screens. The game is targeted at 6-12 year olds (but simple enough and engaging enough for both older and younger players), and is aligned with K12 learning objectives for that age range.

Using the example of peppered moths, players are birds who fly through a forest and try to eat the moths on the trees using the touch screen.  During gameplay, the  environment changes to reflect the impact of pollution, which affects which moths can be seen. A brief explanation of what happened—what the players actually experienced during the game—and what it teaches us concludes the experience.

Hungry Birds is an example how a game with a singular learning objective only minutes long can be a catalyst to deeper exploration of the subject.  It is available exclusively through Digital Glass at