The Practice Series from McGraw-Hill

Award-winning series of 3D learning games

The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom with National Geographic

Designed to take one class period, this product takes students on an important journey in US History.

QuitIt with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

A smoking cessation game that introduces coping tools to remain smoke-free

Developmental Math Games with Cengage Learning

Help students improve mental math skills and algebraic problem-solving.

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Tech Town

Create a character and engage in missions to develop basic computer skills

Created with Pearson Education as part of an introductory IT course, Tech Town lets the player develop a custom avatar and engage in several missions which develop and reinforce basic computer skills.

Competency is demonstrated in a number of different ways based upon the various mission.  In one, the player use a holographic machine to go inside a virtual space and find and assemble a computer before time runs out.  In another, the player helps out a friend at an electronics store, and, in answering customer questions, shows comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

This modular design fits well with the subject, allowing for non-linear gameplay and giving players the freedom to go where they choose and play what they want in any order until they master the subject.

This product is available exclusively as part of Pearson’s courseware.