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Muzzy Lane Author – SmartPick

  • By The Muzzy Lane Team
  • November 24, 2015


SmartPickSmCreate narrative scenarios that test the application of knowledge with audio, video and image-based choices.


  • Apply knowledge contextually through roleplay.
  • Establish connections between text, visuals, and audible clues.
  • Measure comprehension with instant scoring and relevant, customizable feedback.

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Play a SmartPick activity

Geometry and Reading Comprehension:
The Geometria Code

This activity combines geometric shape recognition with metalinguistic awareness and reading comprehension. The learner uses hints in the form of riddles to successfully identify basic geometric shapes.


English Language Learning:


In this SmartPick activity, linguistical comprehension is assessed as students practice their understanding of homophones.


Learn more about SmartPick and become
a Muzzy Lane Author

Author is the tool to reach for when you want your students to practice a skill, apply what they’ve learned, or roleplay a job.  If your organization is interested in Muzzy Lane Author please contact