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Muzzy Lane Author – SlideShow

  • By The Muzzy Lane Team
  • November 24, 2015


SetScenePresent a narrative context and sequenced content including text, images, sound and video.  


  • Connect text, sounds, animations and images.
  • Review material.
  • Administer an interactive lesson plan.
  • Explain a step-by-step activity.
  • Rapidly create and share presentations in class or remotely.






Play a SlideShow activity

Anatomy and Physiology:
Joints in Motion

This activity is to practice anatomical identification.  The learner views animated x-ray images that demonstrate the range of motion of various joints.


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a Muzzy Lane Author

Author is the tool to reach for when you want your students to practice a skill, apply what they’ve learned, or roleplay a job.  If your organization is interested in Muzzy Lane Author please contact