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Muzzy Lane Author – Insights

  • By The Muzzy Lane Team
  • September 22, 2015



Assume a role, analyze research, take a position, and justify your decision in a 3D virtual environment.


  • Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of concepts in a conversational, real-world context.
  • Roleplay a workplace professional responding to queries from clients, partners, or employers.
  • Engage higher-order thinking through act of decision-making based on interpretation of data.
  • Practice ability to review and analyze data, charts, graphs, and other research documents.
  • Receive performance-driven assessments and instant feedback.



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Play an Insights activity

Market Research:
Kapow Comics

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Demonstrate ability to analyze market research and apply reasoning.  The learner assumes the role of a market researcher hired by a publisher to review survey data and make a recommendation that will guide future publishing decisions.


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Author is the tool to reach for when you want your students to practice a skill, apply what they’ve learned, or roleplay a job.  If your organization is interested in Muzzy Lane Author please contact